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Mike-90x90-r    Climber.com utilizes a proprietary four step process that combines interviewing, career coaching, skillful resume presentation, and marketing and positioning. Our goal is get you more interviews for which you are better positioned and prepared. The best part is it simply works.”
Mike O'Brien, CEO Climber.com

Phase I Client Intake Meeting

You'll speak one–on–one with your project manager and complete a detailed questionnaire to ensure that your career objectives, work experience and skills are clearly defined and presented in your resume. Your Project Manager — an experienced recruiter — will personally coach you on creating an ideal resume that highlights your most marketable skills and professional accomplishments.

“They took a lot of ramblings and made it appear sensible. Condensed my lengthy attempt at making a resume into a readable and professionally acceptable format.” Lacy W.

Phase II Resume Production

Your Project Manager works with one of our top–of–the–line resume writers (a specialist in your industry), to craft an initial draft on your resume and cover letter.

“I'd never had a resume professionally written prior to having Climber do it. It was such a great experience and I'm very happy with my new resume!” Elena T.

Phase III Discussion and Review

Our goal is to make sure you're completely satisfied with your resume and that you can speak confidently about it in an interview setting. After you and your Project Manager review your resume, if necessary it goes back to the writers for additional revisions. You'll also receive additional focused coaching on utilizing your resume effectively in the job market.

“After being out of work for 6 months, that voice telling me where we are and were I need to be, sometimes reminds me as a Drill Sergeant, but it’s exactly what I need. Some days, just giving an update, he makes sure I’m psyched up before going back the computer.” Susan H.

Phase IV Marketing and Positioning

Now it's time to test your resume and cover letter in the only market that counts — the job market. Your Project Manager will coach you through creating a nurturing a cohesive online brand, e.g. how to use your new resume to refine your LinkedIn and other social media profiles, creating a true recruiting and marketing platform versus a static online presence. In the unlikely event you are not getting interviews after 30 days, we analyze your results, reevaluate your cover letter and resume — as well as all of your job search activities — and determine if we need to modify our strategy or create a different strategy altogether.

“I just love my fantastic new resume and cover letter. It presents me in a whole new light that has really restored my confidence in getting back into the job force. I am excited about connecting with recruiters, and I am confident about getting the job!” Carolanne V.

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